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Gutter Replacement With Impact

Gutters, often overlooked, serve as the frontline defense against water damage to your home. By efficiently channeling rainwater away, they safeguard your foundation, siding, and beautiful landscaping. At Impact Roofing & Renovations, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the intricate world of gutters. This article spotlights the two most popular gutter types: K-Style and Half-Round. Let’s dive in to decipher their unique attributes, optimal home fit, and pivotal buying considerations.

Types of Gutters

1. K-Style Gutters:
Also known as Ogee gutters, K-Style gutters dominate the modern home landscape. Their ornate facade, reminiscent of crown molding, adds a sophisticated touch. Although they’re available in a myriad of sizes, the 5-inch and 6-inch variants reign supreme.

Best for: Contemporary homes, colonial, cape cod, and other classic architectural designs.

Close-up of a new K-style gutter installed on the edge of a roof.

Half-Round Gutters


Evoking a sense of nostalgia, these gutters, as their name suggests, resemble a halved tube. A favorite for historic homes, their sleek, rounded contour reduces the chances of corrosion.  While it gives homes an enhanced aesthetic look, half-round gutters don’t manage strong rainfall quite as well as K-style gutters.


Best for: Vintage homes, European style architecture, and residences wanting a touch of old-world charm.

New half-round copper gutter on a wooden eave, complementing old world historic look.

Considerations When Choosing Gutters

Choose wisely:

  • Aluminum: Lightweight, rust-resistant, and can be painted.
  • Copper: Aesthetic appeal with age, though on the pricier side.
  • Steel: Durable but demands regular upkeep against rust.
  • Vinyl: Cost-effective and lightweight but might not endure colder climates.

Size and Capacity:
Based on regional rainfall and roof slope, the size can be determined. While 5-inch is standard for many areas of the country, homes in zones that get heavy rainfall, even sporadically, may need 6 inches or more.



Guards and Screens:
Enhance your gutter’s life by preventing debris accumulation with guards or screens.


While copper and other high-end materials may strain the budget, remember, a good gutter system protects against costly future repairs.


Local Climate:
Regions with heavy snow demand sturdy gutters, while those with substantial rains may benefit from broader gutters.


Professional Touch:
While DIY might be tempting, expert installation guarantees optimum performance and longevity. Let the professionals at Impact Roofing & Renovations guide you.




K-Style gutters might be the reigning champions in modern homes, but Half-Round gutters hold their charm, despite their drawbacks. Whichever you choose, making a well-informed choice is essential.


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