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How to tips for hanging holiday lights on your roof

The holiday season is here and that means many of you may be heading outside to add some festive lighting to the exterior of your home. It may seem like an easy task, but hanging those twinkling lights on a roof requires more care and preparation than is needed for most interior holiday decorating jobs. By planning out your display, using the correct supplies, and keeping safety in mind your home will shine with holiday cheer. Whether your hanging just a few strands of lights or enough lights to send a holiday greeting to the astronauts on the Space Station, these tips will help make the job easier.
Have the Right Supplies
Make a Plan
Map out a plan and decide what kind of lights you want to use in your display. Make sure you use lights that are outdoor-rated. Incandescent lights will give a traditional warm feel to your display. LED lights give you the option of a warm or cool glow and the added benefit of being energy-efficient and less expensive to run. Never connect incandescent lights strings with LED light strings.
Measure before you buy
Measure the area where you plan to hang the lights. Remember to include the distance from your power source to the first string of lights. Measuring first will save you from buying too many sets of lights. Start with a 60 foot string of lights and add 10-12 feet of lights for every additional awning on your home.
Test the Lights
Even if your light strands are new, test them before you climb that ladder to hang them on the roof. It’s even more important to test lights that you’ve used in previously. Inspect the cords and discard those that have visible signs of wear and tear.
Use Clips and Hooks
Use plastic clips and hooks that are designed to clip on gutters or slip under the edge of roof shingles. They are inexpensive, light weight, and easily removed at the end of the season. Never drill, nail or staple your lights in place. This could cause major damage your gutters, roof and the light strands. The holiday season is not the time to have to pay a costly repair bill.
Exterior-rated extension cords are made to withstand harsh weather and wet conditions. Never use an interior extension cord outside. Don’t overload your power source or extension cord. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines for how many light strings can be connected together. Make sure to unplug your display when your not home unless you are using a timer.
Buy a timer
A timer is a great convenience and you can buy ones that are made especially for controlling holiday lighting. You can program the timer to come on and turn off at the same time everyday.
If you think your gutters or roof wouldn’t hold the weight of one string of holiday lights, call us to discuss your gutter or roofing needs at 703-329-2959.
All of us at Impact Roofing wish you a Happy Holiday season!